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49er great, Joe Montana and Golf Sponsor Delgado

    Delgado has been involved with some of the world's most prestigious golf touraments.  Many of these hosted by perhaps the greatest sporting legends ever to play. They have included Joe Montana's Tournament, Michael Jordan's, Jerry Rice's ,and Kenny Stabler to name just a few.   He has participted in each as a sponsor and in addition his sport art works at the live and verbal auctions has raised well over $250,000 for the charities these events help.
     One of the special features avaliable that Delgado can provide  is that he would create an original painting. The subject is usally created of the host with a backdrop of the course.
The  painting has been used for invitation covers, posters and are produced into very limited edition lithographs that are given to sponsors and participants. The original is usually auctioned live at the tournaments dinner.
To inquire of having Delgado become part of your tournament you can email the artist.


Here is one example of a work created especially by Delgado exclusively for  the "JOE MONTANA CELEBRITY TOURNAMENT".
A very limited edition was produced and presented to sponsors and tournaments participates.
This way each will they have a lasting moment of their time played there and receive a very valuable personal gift to hang at their office or home.
Each lithograph was signed and numbered by the artist. In additon several were autographed by Joe.  Some of these were used for auction items and others held back for future tournaments.

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